Coverage equal to 60% of your monthly income. Two plans to choose from, Plan A, up to $6,000/mo. max. of tax free benefit and Plan B, up to $15,000/mo. max. of tax free benefit. Premium rates are 30-70% less than individual disability policies with similar policy features. Benefits start after 90 days of total or partial disability. Benefits payable to Social Security Normal Retirement Age (SSNRA) or longer. Own Occupation protection for entire benefit period and Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) included. No Benefit Offsets with individual disability you own and No Benefit Offsets for AUM fees earned prior to disability. Additionally, there is an Annuity Contribution Benefit included, 10% of monthly earnings, up to $5,000/mo and an Assisted Living Benefit, 20% of monthly earnings, up to $4,000/mo. Lastly, it has a Comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) included.

When you've decided which Plan Option is right for you, Plan A ($6,000 limit) or Plan B ($15,000 limit)you have two options. You can click the LTD calculator link at the top of this page to calculate your benefits and premium or go straight to the easy online application and apply for coverage.

New eligible NAPFA members have 60 days from their date of membership to apply, guaranteed issue (no medical questions. Employees of a NAPFA member or NAPFA Member Firm must be employed for 90 days to be eligible for the open enrollment guaranteed acceptance coverage. New employees must be employed for at least 90 days they then have 60 days to apply, guaranteed issue.

We want to thank you for your interest in these exciting member benefits and hope you will contact us with any additional questions you have that are not addressed on this site.

John Ryan, CFP®
Disability Insurance Plan Administrator