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NEW MEMBERS- For the guaranteed acceptance coverage option, you must be an eligible member of NAPFA for one full year before you apply. On the one year date you will have 60 days to apply, guaranteed acceptance.
MEDICAL UNDERWRITING FOR NEW MEMBERS- New members can waive the one year membership period and can apply for Term Life coverage immediately after becoming a member but they must go through medical underwriting. Note: Should you be declined for coverage, you will no longer be eligible for the one year guaranteed acceptance offer and you will not be accepted in any and all future Term Life open enrollments.
EXISTING MEMBERS- Eligible members longer than one year can enroll anytime, but must go through medical underwriting.

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*If you are interested in applying for higher life amounts for you or your spouse, contact us at 800.796.0909x107

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I (we) hereby authorize Collegiate Peaks Bank to initiate a debit entry to my (our) checking/savings account at the Financial Institution indicated below, on or about the 11th of each month, and initiate adjustments (if necessary) for any transactions credited/debited in error. This authority will remain in effect until Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants is notified by me (us) in writing to cancel it in such time as to afford Collegiate Peaks Bank and my (our) Financial Institution a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

In the event the attempted premium withdraw from your designated financial institution is rejected for non-sufficient funds a $20.00 charge will be assessed to your premium draft.
Beneficiary Form: To complete enrollment, click here for a Beneficiary Designation form. This form must be completed and signed. Instructions on form.
John Ryan, CFP®
Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants
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